From Field Goals to Family Goals: Harrison Butker Wins

We, the People, Offer Our Sincere Thanks to Super Bowl Champion, Harrison Butker

Harrison Butker, Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Champion Kicker, stood firm in his convictions during his powerful commencement address at Benedictine College. With courage and clarity, Butker championed the timeless virtues of family, faith, and the sanctity of life. His bold proclamation of a pro-family, pro-God, and pro-life worldview resonated deeply, reminding us of the enduring strength found in our foundational beliefs.

Harrison’s speech was not just words but a call to action—a directive to embrace our vocations over mere cultural expectations, guiding young minds towards paths of purpose and integrity. His unwavering dedication to his Christian principles brought a refreshing sincerity and profound depth to the commencement, inspiring us to live authentically and fearlessly.

Thank you, Harrison Butker, for your exemplary leadership and reminding us of the power of living a life aligned with our deepest convictions.

As Coach Lou Holtz famously said, "God did not put us on this earth to be ordinary." Butker embodies this sentiment, recognizing the responsibility that athletes bear in upholding and championing American values. His courageous stance deserves our unwavering support.

Harrison: We thank you for standing up. Rest assured, you are not standing alone

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